Union Point Custom FeedsUnion Point Custom Feeds features a comprehensive selection of formulas for all sorts of livestock and birds. Our formulas are built from only the best and most wholesome ingredients. Choose from our own nutritionist’s Union Point recipes, our library of traditional and university-developed formulas, or let us create a custom formula that helps solve special feeding issues.

Among our biggest fans are the animals themselves.  Dairy goats and cows anticipate the milking stand, horses come running, sheep, pigs and even exotic livestock like emus and alpacas enjoy our feeds.  And their owners appreciate our ability to formulate and mill affordable feeds that are superior in quality to what they would otherwise have to buy at the farm store.  Because our own nutritionist formulates the feeds right here we have a lot of flexibility. And because we are involved in every step from formulating to buying ingredients to milling to bagging we can be confident of our products’ quality.

These are just some of our most popular products.  If you don’t see exactly what you want, please ask!



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