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Q:  “How do you do your pricing?  I don’t see prices on your website,” asked Sally and Jaimie.

A:  There are no prices on the website for a couple of reasons.  One is that ingredient prices change, and I (Alice) don’t want to have to alter the website whenever the price of materials changes.  I’m not that good at website stuff.

The other is that since we started as a wholesale-only business in 2001 our pricing has evolved to accommodate folks who need fewer bags as well.  At one time we made only custom feeds.  A number of the formulas which I originally put together for individual situations have proved themselves so well we have registered them and keep them on the shelf for people who don’t want to wait for a custom feed to be made, or who prefer these tried-and-true recipes.  We now have retail pricing for the people who want 1-10  bags of feed.  There is discounted pricing for those who want more than ten bags, but less than a ton.  And there is wholesale pricing for people who use 40 fifty pound bags (one ton).  Additionally, you can mix and match feeds to make up your order’s number of bags and maximize your savings.  There is a $2 per bag discount for the 11-39 bag order and a $4 discount per bag for the full ton (or more) order.

A lot of mills now put their feeds in 40 pound bags to make the price per bag cheaper.  That’s important to remember when you are figuring out pricing.  Of course 40 pounds will cost less than 50 pounds, though the bags may seem to be the same size. Our feeds are nearly always in fifty pound bags unless they are custom bagged for a special order or if the feed is really fluffy. (We can barely fit 4 1/2  pounds of dried black soldier fly larvae into a bag that will hold ten pounds of chick starter.)

Of course, different feeds cost different amounts depending on what is in them and how much time and equipment is involved in making them.  We make all our feeds in one ton lots, so you don’t need to order ten tons to get a discount.  In fact, we’d rather you didn’t.

The best thing to do is to email me at alice@unionpoint.com, or call Jon, our Retail Manager, at (541) 603-8180, Monday to Friday, 8-4 to get current pricing.

Thanks for asking!


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