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Find out how to Ask Alice and get an answer on the UPCF Ask Alice blog!

Go Ask Alice: prices

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Q:  “How do you do your pricing?  I don’t see prices on your website,” asked Sally and Jaimie. A:  There are no prices on the website for a couple of reasons.  One is that ingredient prices change, and I (Alice) don’t want to have to alter the website whenever the price of materials changes.  I’m […]

Go Ask Alice: Organic?

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  Q:  “I noticed organic feed is listed on your site. Do you carry organic chicken layer feed? I sell my eggs as organic, but do not need certified organic feed, just feed raised using organic methods,” asked Krista. A:  This is a conversation I have had many times in person with customers, USDA/NOP Organic […]

Animal By-Products, Mad Cow Disease and How Grandma Could Make Her Own Feed

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Q: Back in the day, a lot of people made their own feed and there were a million recipes for it that worked. Why is it any harder now? A: I’ll claim a unique perspective on this, because I am an animal nutritionist, a feed formulator and owner of a specialty feed manufacturing business, Union […]

Ask Alice: “They don’t like the pellets as much as the scratch grains.”

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A new customer commented on this, and I thought it was so useful I wanted to share it. Birds don’t like pellets as much as they like scratch grains, and that is a fact of life. I don’t like any foods as much as I like chocolate and coffee, but that doesn’t mean I get […]

Go Ask Alice: Calcium

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A customer asked —   Q:  If many people are adding calcium as a free offering, then why can’t it not just be added to the feed? In other words if the layer has 3% but people are still adding oyster shell, then why not make it 4% as part of the blend?   A:  […]

Ask Alice: What is the shelf life on feed?

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Q: What is the shelf life on your feed? A:  It’s going to depend on several things.  The feed industry standard is that feed is good from 6 months of the date it is bought, since you can’t generally read the date on the tag or bag.  We like to be more conservative here at Union Point and that […]

Ask Alice: Pellets vs. whole grains

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Q: Could you talk about pellets versus whole intact grains?  Which is healthier?  Which is most efficient? A: Before we built our feed mill I believed that whole grains were the best possible nutrition available for most animals. We did not expect to really use the pellet milling machinery that we bought with the rest […]

Ask Alice: Is all UPCF feed pelleted?

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Q: So is all your feed pelleted then?

Ask Alice: Nutrient density

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Q: What do you mean when you say Union Point Custom Feeds’ products are nutritionally dense?


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