Go Ask Alice: prices

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Q:  “How do you do your pricing?  I don’t see prices on your website,” asked Sally and Jaimie. A:  There are no prices on the website for a couple of reasons.  One is that ingredient prices change, and I (Alice) don’t want to have to alter the website whenever the price of materials changes.  I’m […]

Go Ask Alice: Organic?

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  Q:  “I noticed organic feed is listed on your site. Do you carry organic chicken layer feed? I sell my eggs as organic, but do not need certified organic feed, just feed raised using organic methods,” asked Krista. A:  This is a conversation I have had many times in person with customers, USDA/NOP Organic […]

Animal By-Products, Mad Cow Disease and How Grandma Could Make Her Own Feed

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Q: Back in the day, a lot of people made their own feed and there were a million recipes for it that worked. Why is it any harder now? A: I’ll claim a unique perspective on this, because I am an animal nutritionist, a feed formulator and owner of a specialty feed manufacturing business, Union […]

Ask Alice: “They don’t like the pellets as much as the scratch grains.”

Posted on 07. Oct, 2016 by in Ask Alice

A new customer commented on this, and I thought it was so useful I wanted to share it. Birds don’t like pellets as much as they like scratch grains, and that is a fact of life. I don’t like any foods as much as I like chocolate and coffee, but that doesn’t mean I get […]


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