How It All Began

In operating Union Point Ranch, we regularly wished for a reliable source for the high-quality feeds we wanted for our horses, poultry, sheep, cows, and other animals. In our search for the right feeds in the right amounts, we found that we were not alone. There was no longer a source for small quantities of fresh, high-quality custom feeds in our area.

So, in 2001, we went to work. We applied our knowledge of animal husbandry, belief in the central role nutrition plays in the animal health equation, and 25 years of experience in the business world. We talked to other ranchers about their feed needs and concerns and we researched the best ways to fill feed orders of all sorts and sizes. We built our own mill to ensure we could meet the demands we had identified. Soon after, we began turning out small amounts of feeds in an old-fashioned tradition that puts quality first.

To this day, owner Alice Royle is your main point of contact at Union Point Custom. She will advise you on what works, as well as the technical aspects of feed production. An extensive network of top producers, researchers, and professional nutritionists backs up her training in nutrition.


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