Union Point Custom Feeds gives small to mid-sized farmers  and homesteaders access to custom-milled, high-quality feeds that are normally available only to those ordering many tons of feed at a time.

We are set up to mill in relatively small quantities. One or two tons are common orders. Some customers even band together to split orders, and we have a valued group that distributes for us. The mill itself is located near Brownsville, Oregon and our customers are from Oregon, Washington and northern California.

Union Point is well known for its consultative approach. We pride ourselves on formulating wholesome, nutrient-dense feeds that make sense for the family farm. Many of Oregon’s most respected small farmers look to us for their animals’ feeds, and we’re proud of their confidence in us. They can count on quality, consistency, and strict adherence to formulas. Our formulas are developed for farmers who want to feed their animals in a way that matches their overall farming goals.

Ingredient quality is paramount. We are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients available.  Many of our ingredients are grown locally. We offer a range of conventional, transitional and organic grains in formulas we develop to suit the unique needs of your farm.

Although we are a small-scale mill, we offer complete services and have the ability to perform nearly all grain processing operations. Our equipment is versatile and precise, clean and simple. We can chop, crack, grind, mix, sweeten, pellet and bag all kinds of feed.

As family farmers, we understand the unique needs of our customers. We strive to make the very best feeds possible in a way that works for your animals, your beliefs, and your rural lifestyle. That’s been our approach since we opened our doors in  2001, and is exactly why we continue to enjoy a solid and growing presence in the sustainable agriculture movement.

As a custom feeds mill, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all order form or pricing sheet, so it’s best to start with a consultation.  We do not charge for this service. (Of course, custom formulations to be made elsewhere are subject to a fee.)  Many people find our new customer FAQ useful in deciding if we are a good match for them.

We’re pleased to serve you and welcome you to contact us!


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